How to get your home ready to sell and ready for viewings

If you’re thinking of moving this year, there are a number of things that you can do whilst at home over the next few weeks, to help make the process go as smoothly as possible.

I’ve created a bitesize checklist for you to keep you busy!


Creating the sense of space is essential and decluttering will do just that. Not only is this a cheap job to do but you will give your potential buyers the impression of viewing a blank canvass, this will enable them to imagine living in your home which is so important. You could even make a bit of money by upcycling and selling on unwanted items!

Keep the garden tidy

This is often one area that people forget but can also be a deal clincher. Personally I love a garden that I can sit in and enjoy listening to the birds and reading a good book. So prune any overgrown hedges, mow the lawn, replace any broken fence panels and give them and the shed a lick of paint. Also if you have pets try to ensure that toys and mess are all cleared away.

Make it light and airy

For viewings open up all of your blinds and curtains as much as possible. Switch on every light and lamp that you have. Also clean all of your windows to create a sparkle!


So you’ve been looking at that picture that needs hanging on the wall for months and the crayon line that your toddler decorated the walls with thinking I will do that one day. Well now is the time to complete them minor tasks or repairs.


As much as they are part of the family and certainly a part of mine not everyone is a big fan. So I would suggest if you have viewings to try and ask a friend to mind them for a while. Once they’re with friends or family try to air the house, clean the carpets/floors and light a candle.

Bathrooms and kitchens

These need to sparkle and should not have any signs of mould or crumbs. Store clutter away from worktops and put toiletries away. Keep the toilet seat down!

Unfortunately not everyone has a vision for a room, so if the room is a bedroom then try your best to set it up as a bedroom. If you have a conservatory put some nice chairs in there to create a relaxing space. 

I hope these tips have helped!

How to get your home ready to sell and ready for viewings

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